Welcome to Badger Workshop.


The Badger Workshop story


Badger Workshop is the creation of me, Matthew Smith. It was born out of two things: a hatred for waste and a passion for making things. 

Most of the wood I use in my projects is reclaimed or upcycled. I use old oak and pine floor boards, scaffold board and pallets which otherwise would be thrown away. I also work with other materials, from glass to old, unloved cutlery, giving them new life for others to enjoy again. 

It takes a lot more work to create something from reclaimed materials, but I feel the effort is worth it. These materials yield items with much more character; every piece is unique. I also love going against the grain of the throwaway culture we live in, and re-appropriating materials that could otherwise end up in landfill.

My country workshop is the hub of all my creations, where each handmade product is lovingly born into creation. I love seeing all the materials I work with being given new life and going to good homes who want them.