Badger Workshop was founded in 2016 in Hampshire, by master craftsman Matthew Smith. 

While working as a chef at the time, Matthew dreamed of branching out (pun intended), and taking his high-quality wood, leather, and metal work to the next level.  And so Badger Workshop was born!

Relocating to the North of England in search of more plentiful work space, Matthew launched Badger Workshop as an independently trading company, and commenced working full-time in his bespoke workshop to produce beautiful artisanal homemade products.


Much of Matthew’s work is made from reclaimed or recycled material, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for shoppers who like to support small businesses, reduce their carbon footprint, and procure genuinely unique one-off items.  

A big part of Badger Workshop is the online tutorials that Matthew makes, featuring DIY tips, and ideas for your own upcycling and craft projects.  He also reviews the tools and equipment he uses, in order to provide aspiring craft makers with the confidence to get started on their own work.