How I made a oak and leather kitchen towel holder

I needed a kitchen towel holder, but – as I am a little short of worktop space – I wanted one that could hang on the wall. As I had already made a couple of other bits for the kitchen from oak, I decided to keep to that theme.

dowel for kitchen towel
dewalt dws777
cutting wood for towel holder

I got a length of oak dowel and a scrap of board, which I cut to a bit longer than the paper towel. I then ripped the board down on the table saw to the width I wanted.

ripping wood for towel holder
strap for kitchen towel holder
cutting leather strap
strap cutter

To attach the dowel to the board, I decided to use leather straps. Using my leather strap cutter, I cut a couple of 1 inch wide straps, but you could just purchase some leather already cut into strips.

marking strap position
setting blade hight
cross cut sled
cutting slots

I wanted to attach these straps to the back of the board, and have them recessed into it. I setup my crosscut sled on the table saw, then raised the blade up to the height of the strap folded over. I could then nibble away a 1 inch slot at either end of the board.

cleaning up slots
adding a round over

The slots needed a bit of a clean up with a chisel, then I used the router to round over the edges on the front of the board.

using pillar drill
brass inserts in towel holder
danish oil on towel holder

On either end of the board I instilled some brass screw inserts, that I could use to fix it to the wall. With those fitted, it was time to apply some finish. I went for hard wax oil to match the knife rack I made in the previous post.

leather on towel holder
cutting leather strap
dewalt drill
screwing strap on towel holder

When the finish dried, I was able to install the leather straps. I folded them over and positioned then into the slots, and used a knife to trim off any excess. To hold them in place, I drove some screws through the leather and into the oak.

pulling kitchen towel

That’s it, all done! Please watch the video below for more information on how I made this, along with a matching magnetic knife rack.

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