Making A Magnetic Knife Rack

The day I moved into my current house, I shoved my kitchen knives into a drawer and they have remained there ever since.  This is not the best way to store knives, as the blades can bang together – so I wanted a better solution. Having already made an oak spice rack for the kitchen, I decided to make a magnetic knife rack, also from oak.

knives for the rack
cutting wood for knife rack
planing wood for knife rack
thicknessing wood for knife rack

I laid out my knives and measured how long the rack needed to be. I marked this out on a rough sawn oak board and cut it to length on the mitre saw. I could then plane and thickness the board to clean it up.

ripping wood for knife rack
making a thin rip
ripping wood

Using the table saw, I ripped the board down to the height I wanted. I then turned the oak on its side, and moved the table saw fence over so I could cut off a thin strip (The plan was to set some magnets into the thicker piece of oak, and to hide them with the thin piece I just ripped off).

These are the magnets I used: 

cut oak
magnets for knife rack
drilling oak
drilling knife rack
slots for magnets

To insert the magnets, I clamped a temporary fence to the drill press, and used a 10mm Forstner bit to drill a series of holes down to the depth of the magnets. With one line complete, I turned the oak around and drilled another row.

These slots needed a bit of a clean up, for which I used a chisel and mallet. To fix the magnets into place, I mixed up a batch of epoxy, spread it into the slots, and pushed the magnets into place.

chisel magnetic knife rack
chisel slots
mixing epoxy
installing magnets into knife rack
glueing knife rack together

Once the epoxy dried, I glued the two pieces of oak together. I spread some PVA wood glue on one piece of the oak, sandwiched the two together, and held them together with some spring clamps.

glue knife rack
clamps knife rack
round over knife rack

To make the shape a little more interesting, I used a round over bit in my router table to add a profile to the edge of the rack. I then used the random orbital sander to sand it all down.

sanding magnetic knife rack
drilling holes
installing screw inserts

I needed a method of attaching the rack to the wall.  I decided to go for some brass inserts that screws could be put through. I drilled a hole in either end to accept them. I put a dab of CA glue in each hole and tapped the inserts into place. When the glue was dry, I applied some hard wax oil finish as it is nice and hard-wearing.

brass screw inserts
finishing magnetic knife rack

That’s the magnetic knife rack all done! Please watch the video below for more information; and on how to build a kitchen roll holder… 

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